Permanent https-Redirect with Cloudflare

You want to redirect your old domain to a new once?

No problem, most of the domain providers are giving you the epossibility to redirect to a new one. What is missing, however, is the ability to continue accepting HTTPS connections. Without an SSL certificate for the old domain, requests to will stop working, after setting up a simple URL-redirect rule! For many returning visitors, however, this URL is still in their browser history. So these requests end up in the void! Cloudflare can help you out, to keep old domains working:

  1. Create as a new site in cloudflare and change your nameservers according to what cloudflare requests.
  2. Goto Cloudflare –> –> DNS-Settings
    Setup two new DNS A-records with:
      root Domain (@) with invalid IP-Address
      www Domain with invalid IP-Address

    Permanent https-Redirect with Cloudflare

  3. Goto Cloudflare –> –> SSL/TLS
    As dosen’t create any valid ssl results, we choose to flexible to accept unencrypted results. Permanent https-Redirect with Cloudflare

  4. Goto Cloudflare –> –> Rules –> Page Rules
    Now we need a permanent Rule to redirect everthing from your old domain to your new Domain.

    Rule 1
      Setting: Forwarding URL
      Status Code: 301
      Destination URL:$1

    Rule 2

      Setting: Forwarding URL
      Status Code: 301
      Destination URL:

    Permanent https-Redirect with Cloudflare

Now Click Save and Deploy and your redirect should be ready to go!