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Through its energy consumption, the Internet produces CO2 emissions equivalent to those of global air traffic. [...] Worldwide, 25 power plants would have to produce electricity around the clock to cover the consumption of the global network.

“Die Menschheit Schafft sich ab” - Harald Lesch & Klaus Kamphausen

We're trying to be neutral.

We know that cloud computing in particular does not have the very best reputation with regard to its eco-balance. When selecting our partners and SaaS software, we therefore attach particular importance to not only focusing on profit but also on sustainability in terms of materials and energy consumption.

Unfortunately, many companies still do not meet this demand. That’s why we work with organisations to compensate for the negative impact produced indirectly by us.

That is why we strive to ensure that …

  • .. all servers run on 0% CO2 emissions and 100% green electricity.
  • .. we compensate for the use of non-neutral services.
  • .. sustainable products and services are preferred.

fuxlab technology group hamburg