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Style & Fashion

“Shop the Look” Feature for Images and Videos

Addwalk is a widget which links the visual content on websites with products from online shops.

We have built state of the art image recognition and matching mashine learning algorithms to find perfect matching products on almost every image.

Visual Inspiration Platform 

Likewalk was our start with fashion and is now a showcase to present our technology. We are acting as a famous fahion platform to bring in a glamour lifestyle to our users.

We focus on projects within research, style and technology (RST).


We build data management-software and plugins to collect, analyze & display (training) data.


Extracted and interpolated data is one of our main ingredient for a good neural net. We help other scientists with our collected data.

Open Source

Plugins crafted with care​ to enable non standard wordpress / woocommerce solutions. All of them are under open source license and for basic usage free of charge.

Dynamic Step Pricing​

Dynamic variable products with step pricing for woocommerce. Customers can individualize products on behalf and pay in different price steps.

Three View

Enable WordPress (Pro-Version including support for woocommerce) to display your 3D-Data and let the customer play with his new product.