Product Development

Keep it smart.

We develop environment friendly data products.
Smart and fast is the aim we want to work.



Make users find what they are looking for. Nothing else matters!

Machine Learning | CV

Let machines decide what a user wants to see, or evaluate what a user sees.

Data Insights | Analysis

Do not talk without knowing the numbers, seriously!

Individual Backend | API

When Standard is not enough we create custom apis and backends that scale.


Elasticsearch / Kibana, Spark


Tensorflow / Keras, pyTorch


google Data Studio / Analytics


Python / Django,  Ruby / Rails


digitalization environment for the sauna business including the most comprehensive sauna portal.

automatic fashion product recommendation as a service for publishers and influencers.

Who we are.

We are problem solvers, engineers & strategists in all areas of software development.


Our Mission is to produce and deliver secure solutions, providing our clients with neutral, trusted, and scalable data-driven products.