Product Intelligence.

We develop environment friendly digital products
driven by applied machine learning technologies.



Make users find what they are looking for. Nothing else matters!

Machine Learning | CV

Let machines decide what a user wants to see, or evaluate what a user sees.

Data Insights | Analysis

Do not talk without knowing the numbers, seriously!

Individual Backend | API

When Standard is not enough we create custom apis and backends that scale.


Elasticsearch / Kibana, Spark


Tensorflow / Keras, pyTorch


google Data Studio / Analytics


Python / Django,  Ruby / Rails


digitalization environment for the sauna business including the most comprehensive sauna portal.

automatic fashion product recommendation as a service for publishers and influencers.

Who we are.

Fuxlab is a research and development company for digital products. We are problem solvers, engineers & strategists in almost all areas of software development.

Our Mission is to produce and deliver secure solutions, providing our clients with neutral, trusted, and scalable data-driven products.


Our headquarter is in the city center of Hamburg, but all of our work is done remotely from all over the world.